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If you are searching for discount coupons for Bluehost web hosting company, then you are at the correct place. You will get to know about latest promo offers of the leading web hosting company – Bluehost.

How can you automatically use Bluehost Coupon Code?

#Step 1 simply by clicking the link below, you will be able to activate any of the discount coupons.

#Step 2 you do not need to copy paste the coupon anywhere, it will be automatically applied. You are only required to fill up your account details and make the payment.

Yes, I know you love Bluehost and that is the reason you have been looking for discounts. That information, I have already mentioned in the above paragraphs. There is no requirement to add the coupons manually, simply click on the activation link and the discounts will be applied automatically.

Also, the great news is that you will always get the maximum discount here. For instance, if you are buying the services from Bluehost on special days like Cyber Monday, New Year, Valentine’s Day or Black Day; you can get discount up to 75%. While on the other hand, on the normal days around 40% discount is given on all the hosting packages.

Please Note: – The links mentioned above for the coupons will always avail you the maximum discount

Bluehost Coupon Code

Now, let me discuss with you all the Plans and Pricing offered by Bluehost to its customers. There are three yearly shared packages offered by Bluehost namely Shared Packages, Starter, Plus and Business Pro. The prices of the mentioned plans are $5.99, $9.99, $19.99 respectively. The good news is that with the help of the Bluehost coupons, you can get these plans just for $3.49, $5.95, $13.95 provided you go for three year plans.  Believe, it is worth investing for three years as it offers some great features.

Advantages of Bluehost

Recently many people are getting inclined towards this web hosting company and it has earned itself a highly reputed image in this arena. On a daily basis, thousands of new customers are getting registered with the company and are using its services for publishing their new websites.

What is the reason behind their huge success?

The reason behind their huge success is their unmatchable service. For the shared hosting plans, they offer many unbelievable features which impress people around the globe. When we look at the advantages, we can surely neglect their disadvantages, which are in fact very minute. In my article, I will provide you with a clear picture of both boon and bane of this web hosting company.

Let us now discuss the features:

#1 Extremely Reliable Hosting

The company boasts of about 99.9% of uptime and even provides guarantee for the services offered. This is only because they are confident about the quality of their services, which makes it one of the leading companies in the arena of web hosting.

Once, the website has been with Bluehost, you will hardly see it down. You need to first check your hosting needs, if that’s proper your website will never lack in resources. Thus, you should go wrong in choosing your hosting plan. Many of the business go wrong as they require Business Pro Plan but if they have hosted on Plus plan, then the resources are sooner soaked. Bluehost will prove to be one of the most reliable hosting company, provided you buy the plan according to the needs of your website.

#2 Outstanding Support Staff

Outstanding support quality is a must after reliability so that if and when you face any issue in setting up your website or after running it on the server; the problems are solved without any difficulty. Bluehost has a dedicated support staff to solve any of your queries without wasting much of your time. You can contact them through a toll free number or through live chat, whatever suits you. Your issue will be resolved in a few minutes from the time you have raised your issue or concern (provided it is not a big problem).

#3 Free Add-ons available are amazing

The majority of the people reading this article would be aware of the significance of the Add-ons. Managing your hosting becomes extremely simple with Bluehost as it provides many Add-ons which are essential. In just a single click, your favorite CMS System like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal can be installed. Apart from this, there are many more features in this with whose help, you can manage your hosting in an easy way.

#4 Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

It is a common feeling that before buying a new hosting plan or changing from old to new, one does feel the butterflies in the stomach. But not with Bluehost as it provides lifetime money back guarantee which means if you do not like the services, you will get your money back. There is no problem in getting the refund from them. It is processed back in your account or into the card from which you had made the payment while purchasing the hosting plan.

bluehost-maximum discount coupon code

#5 Great Server Performances (Shared Hosting)

The performance of the server is unmatchable when it comes to the shared hosting. If you really want your website to load faster and perform exceptionally well, then Bluehost should be your ultimate choice. The discount coupons are just an icing on the cake!

#6 Next-Generation VPS Hosting

If yours is an extremely popular website with more than million of page-view monthly, then the shared plans can actually handle this much traffic. I recommend you to go for VPS (Virtual Private Server). The plans for VPS starts as $14.99 to $59.99 monthly with the CPU, RAM and Storage going from low to high depending on the price. To explain it better, if you go for packages which cost higher, you will get more resources.

Thus, if you see that your website is experiencing high traffic, you shall go for the top plan, for medium low VPS packages also work pretty well. There is no complaint of their servers’ performance irrespective of the plan you select for your hosting.

To sum up, let me highlight some of the essential benefits of Bluehost.

Pros are:

  • The control panel is easy to use and the availability of Add-on further simplifies the management
  • Extremely affordable Hosting Company with great features
  • 45 days money back guarantee, thus your money is in safe hands
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Thus, highly reliable hosting
  • Free Google Adwords Credit of $100.
  • The performance of the servers is simply awesome
  • WordPress installation can be done in a single click
  • Customer support is available 24*7. Irrespective of the time of the day, you experience a problem, you will be helped throughout.

You get FREE Domain names with all the plans, thus you do not have to pay any extra penny for brand recognition. The domains are free for the period of 1 year.

With the advantages, there is some disadvantages also. But these are so minor that can be ignored in front of the benefits. But, let me discuss the cons also with my readers.

Cons are

You will not find many negative points. One thing, I have noted is that on a few occasions their support team gets lazy in answering your queries. In case, they are pre-occupied with many queries, they may take some time longer to solve your issues. Except this con, I didn’t find any other issue with this hosting company.

This is the best time to buy hosting plan with Bluehost as they have lucrative offers. The discount coupons will surely benefit you in spending less for hosting your website on a leading web hosting company.